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Counselling Collective

Counselling and Psychotherapy for all in East-Sussex.

Addiction radio program

ACT Mindfully is a very pragmatic way of working through complex issues.

Free resources self-help

Mindfulness for Recovery by Pavillion

CBT Worksheets

Psychology Tools has a lot of good worksheets for different issues.

Free Mindfulness meditations by KV and Taravajra

Mindfulness on the BBC

Mindfulness on the radio 1xtra

Headspace and Russell Brand on Mindfulness practice

UNDER THE SKIN Headspace - Could Mass Meditation Change Everything? (with Andy Puddicombe)

9 foundational Attitude of Mindfulness

This page includes an interview with Jon Kabat-Zinn

Positive Psychology

interesting articles about wellbeing and happiness from Psychology Today

Podcast on Positive Psychology

Language of feelings

Non-violent communication

This is a fantastic resource on how to manage communication assertively and resolve conflicts.

TED Talks

Many interesting talks on mental health and wellbeing on this website

Playlists to open our minds with.

More on positive Psychology

Be Mindful 

Information about Mindfulness


All in the Mind, BBC Radio 4

Programme about mental health and wellbeing presented by Claudia Hammond


All in the Mind, ABC radio

The Other Side of Adoption

BBC Radio 4



Mind Changers, BBC Radio 4

Carol Dweck and Growth Mindset


Mindfulness Summit

information about Mindfulness and its practice.

In October 2015: daily videos and audio files to watch and listen to for free. 


Article in the New Scientist about how light can be used to treat depression and more


Bringing up Britain.

series of radio programs on childhood and parenting.


Ideas that shaped our world from BBC radio 4

Jordan Peterson's website

support from other sources:

Channel 4