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Counselling Collective

Counselling and Psychotherapy for all in East-Sussex.

Our Services and fees

We believe counselling should be accessible and affordable for all. This is why our fees depend on your income if you pay for the sessions yourself. 

If you are covered by a private health insurer, your cover might include psychotherapy sessions. We are registered through Healthcode with:

You can pay at the end of each session by cash. Please note we do not carry change, so please bring the agreed amount with you. 
Alternatively, you can pay by BACS transfer. 
Laurence's account details: Sort code 40-25-06, account 11230379

Individual Therapy:

Available from all locations

Basic fee: £45 for people earning £15,000/annum or less. Concessions may be available for people earning less then £15,000/annum depending on spaces available. Please call me on 07825678377 to enquire.

For people earning over £15k/annum, here is the formula to calculate the fee:

My basic fee + (your income in £1000 - 15) x 0.5= £

e.g if your income is £25,000/annum
45 + (25 - 15) x 0.5
45 + 10 x 0.5 =
45 + 5 =

My maximum fee is £90 (for people earning £105,000 or above). 

Any fee over £60 is used to offer concessions for people earning less than £15,000/ year.
If your basic fee is less than £60, you can still give a donation above your personal fee to support the work I do with people who cannot afford my basic fee. 

Do not hesitate to contact me for clarification about your fee on 07825678377

Couple Counselling:

Available from all locations

from £70 depending on your combined earnings as a couple:

sliding scale 

£70 for non tax payers and for couples earning up to £25k/annum
Then add £1 every £1000/annum earned above £25K. Concessions may be available for people earning less then £25,000/annum depending on spaces available. Please call me on 07825678377 to enquire.

£71 for couples earning £26k/annum
£72 for couples earning £27k/annum

The maximum fee for couple session is £140. Any payment over £90 will be used toward concessions for people warning less than £25k/annum.

Group Therapy:

Available from Newhaven and Laughton

From £20 to £25 per group sessions (depending on your earning), paid as and when you first attend the groups.

If you want to keep on attending, you will have to commit to 6 weeks, paid in advance, at £15 or £20 per group (method of payment negotiable). The groups run during term time only.

Walking Counselling: 

Available from Laughton and Newhaven

From £30 depending on your earnings:

Sliding Scale:

£35 for non tax payers and for people earning up to £15k/annum
Then add £1/ every £1000/annum earned above £15K. 
£36 for people earning £16k/annum
£37 for people earning £17k/annum

Family Therapy:

Please contact us to discuss fees.

Mindfulness 8 week course (MBCT):

Cost: As this will be the first group offered at Revitalise there is an introductory fee of £120 for the full 8 week course to be paid prior to the first session. 

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